Bullsmoor Dental & Aesthetics Clinic

Creating a successful digital patient engagement strategy with PatientComms software

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Bullsmoor Dental & Aesthetics Clinic

Creating a successful digital patient engagement strategy with PatientComms software

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About Bullsmoor Dental and Aesthetics Clinic

A well-established dental practice run by dynamic father and son duo, Abbas and Shabir Jagani. The practice has a refreshing, forward-thinking approach, providing quality general dentistry as well as specialist services utilising market-leading products and techniques. The clinic also offers a variety of facial aesthetic treatments.

Abbas and Shabir are passionate about giving-back and are committed to assisting with various charitable causes.

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How did Abbas find the experience?

Implementing PatientComms in our clinic has been a transformative experience for both our business operations and our patient interactions.

The online booking system is a game-changer, allowing patients to book appointments at their convenience. This feature has allowed us to attract a new patient base who prefer to book online compared to more traditional methods, in turn, adding a new revenue stream.

The automated patient reminders can easily be adapted to suit our needs; we initially started off with an email reminder seven days prior to an appointment, followed by an SMS reminder three days prior. To tackle our high FTA rate, we reduced this frequency to five days and two days, which has now drastically reduced our FTA rate and this was all done within a few clicks! Not only this but these aesthetically pleasing HTML emails include online booking links and information about new treatments and services, keeping our patients informed and engaged.

We are also in the process of automating emails for pre-treatment information, consent and post-operative care instructions; these will automatically be sent based on the type of appointment booked.

Additional benefits include:

  • Medical histories, treatment plans and consent forms signed on a tablet in the treatment rooms.
  • Running campaigns to collect Google reviews, boosting our online presence and sending referral requests.
  • Sending emails/SMS to quickly communicate important updates to all patients.
  • Newsletters

Furthermore, I now also have access to our clinic diary directly on my phone. While some might see this as an intrusion on personal time, it’s incredibly useful and saves me from the often time-consuming and frustrating process of logging in remotely.

I cannot recommend PatientComms highly enough and the support from their team, Melanie in specific, has been second to none! PatientComms streamlines communication with patients, improves internal organisation and offers powerful tools allowing us to provide an excellent patient experience. PatientComms is an invaluable asset to any dental clinic and I, nor our team, can imagine working without it – and we’ve only just incorporated the tip of the iceberg!

Developing an effective patient engagement strategy

Online bookings and payments

Abbas approached PatientComms wishing to make online appointment booking with pre-payments available for new and existing patients from his website. We were able to help thanks to the enhanced integration now available with iSmile software.

A variety of appointments were created and made available to book online, including gHeneral dental consultations, hygiene and facial aesthetics. As patients started booking via the website, new patients, appointments and payments were seamlessly added to iSmile. The online booking report in PatientComms allowed the Bullsmoor team to easily track their online bookings along with insights into the booking behaviour of their patients.

Automating the patient journey by implementing a bespoke reminder campaign with digital forms

To further streamline the patient journey, a multi-channel reminder campaign was set-up designed to:

  • Automate the patient journey from appointment creation to arrival at the surgery, achieved by creating high-quality HTML emails and SMS reminders with integrated digital forms
  • Drastically reduce the failed-to-attend (FTA) rate
  • Welcome the patient to the practice.
  • Remind patients of their appointment date and time.
  • Highlight the cancellation policy.

Automation of consent and medical history with digital forms

To save time and make it convenient for patients, we introduced branded digital forms into the workflow that are embedded in automated appointment reminders for completion at home or can be filled in on a tablet in the waiting room.

Automation of post-appointment feedback

Automated patient satisfaction surveys were set up to reach the patient immediately after their appointment, helping to maintain the practice’s great online reputation.

Marketing Campaigns

We set up a practice newsletter to help the Bullsmoor team stay in touch with patients and also activated a highly targeted ‘open-day’ campaign (with online booking option) for patient’s wanting to explore their clear-aligner options.

If you would like PatientComms to help you to do the same then please get in touch with our expert, Mel Dumbrell to find out more.

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